Terms and Conditions

Good fences make good neighbours!  A clear contract and terms and conditions is important as this helps to safeguard a clients’ interests and eliminates disappointment and misunderstandings.

  1. RCD generally works to a JCT (joint contracts tribunal) Minor Work Contract for most installations.
  2. Any proposal, estimation or quotation is subject to a site visit.
  3. Whilst all reasonable efforts are made to establish the presence of underground services RCD can not accept liability when they are not identified on any drawings provided by the client or incorrectly marked on such drawings or if clients fail to supply drawings.
  4. If accommodation or subsistence during the construction or training process is to be provided directly by the client (either on a client’s site or at a location found by a client) and, in the opinion of RCD, is inadequate or unreasonable then RCD reserves the right to find alternative accommodation / subsistence that it considers to be appropriate. If there are any cost implications to this end then these will be met by the client.
  5. Clients agree to ensure RCD has good unhindered access to the construction site at all times during the construction process.
  6. RCD frequently needs to work long hours on site and, unless previously agreed with the client, hours of working will be unrestricted.
  7. In the interests of Health and Safety, clients agree to do their best to ensure that there is no unauthorised access by persons or staff to the RCD construction site.
  8. RCD is happy to advise clients about the measures they should take to prevent unauthorised access to a ropes course site; however this must ultimately remain the responsibility of clients.
  9. RCD will take all reasonable measures to make good the ground around the ropes course that may have been disturbed or damaged during the construction process unless, otherwise agreed with a client. 
  10. Clients will ensure that their staff undergo site specific training with the RCD training team prior to utilising the ropes course. They further agree to ensure that only appropriately qualified staff will instruct, inspect or maintain the facility.
  11. If a ropes course (particularly a low ropes course) is constructed it must be appreciated that construction is as much an art as a science.  To this end, clients must recognise that RCD staff will use their judgement about how and where elements are best located.
  12. Clients agree that they will have their ropes course equipment inspected in accordance with recommendations made by RCD or their suppliers or agents.  Such recommendations will take into account location, design and the amount of use.
  13. All ropes course materials have a finite life and whilst RCD offers a lifetime guarantee on its workmanship, it should be understood that due to fair wear and tear, corrosion and decomposition, ropes course materials will require replacement from time to time.
  14. RCD will take all reasonable care to ensure that the ropes course conforms to relevant standards, that the design is fit for purpose and that the training of instructors is comprehensive.  Nevertheless, clients must appreciate that there are inherent risks associated with all ropes course use and that these are best minimised and managed by ensuring that all those that manage, maintain and inspect the ropes course are competent

  15. Unless expressly agreed in writing then time shall not be the essence of any agreement or contract.